Every website.

Mobile Friendly, eBay, Amazon, Square Compatible


Every feature.

  • Templated or custom design
  • Mobile-ready cart & checkout
  • Secure e-commerce hosting
  • Proven user interface
  • Multi-user data entry
  • Easy content management
  • Merchandising tools
  • Third-party integrations
  • Analytics & built-in SEO
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security monitoring
  • Reliable e-mail hosting
  • Image storage & hosting
  • Basic BookRouter™


Regardless of cost.

Whether you choose the Octavo Quickstart or our custom Folio option, you get all the features.

Demo Lipsum Site on Imac

Octavo Quickstart vs. Folio

Template or custom design:
Which is right for you?

Our hosted e-commerce solution can be tailored to the needs of all kinds of booksellers and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver stylish and effective website design at an affordable cost. We offer two paths to that end, the Octavo Quickstart and Folio customization.

With the Octavo Quickstart, our templated framework allows us to quickly personalize your website. Combining your input with our developer's experience, we build the layout you want then we train you to maintain it.

Alternatively, our custom Folio option provides you with access to custom feature development and professional design.

Checkout page on tablet

Proven user interface

For nearly 25 years, Bibliopolis has been at the forefront of e-commerce website development. During this time, while the standard shopping cart and checkout experience has remained remarkably unchanged throughout the industry, our software has undergone numerous advancements. The latest iteration of our software is the result of more than two decades of refinement and testing, offering the best user experience to date.

We regularly introduce "customer-centric" features, such as our saved cart functionality, automated reminder emails for abandoned carts, and notifications for newly listed items. These features, among others, are integral to helping sellers increase customer retention and build lasting brand loyalty through a superior website experience. 


Three Phones with bookstore examples

Mobile-ready cart & checkout

Bibliopolis websites are optimized for mobile devices using Bootstrap, the industry standard toolset for creating websites with a responsive framework. Your website responds to the browsing device, whether desktop, smartphone or tablet, with a mobile-optimized experience. This helps shoppers easily buy from your site regardless of where, when or how they are browsing.

Secure e-commerce hosting

Our infrastructure is a flexible mix of cloud resources and dedicated servers, which we monitor continuously. At no additional cost, we include a 256-bit SSL certificate which secures your online store’s transactions so customers can easily and securely purchase items directly from your website. Payments through your shopping cart and checkout can connect directly to your Square account and/or other popular payment solutions such as Authorize.net, PayPal and Braintree.


Table of third-party company logos

Third-party integrations

Integrations with other third-party apps or plugins make it easier to promote your business across social networks, improve your SEO, and help you better tracks sales, trends and more. Interested in email marketing? Try Constant Contact for free, and then ask us about our built-in Constant Contact email tool that allows you to easily create e-lists from your website.

Analytics & built-in SEO

Built-in search engine optimization using Google sitemaps, rich snippet markup and more will help ensure your site is properly seen by Google and other search engines. Integrate with Google Analytics to collect and explore website traffic data.


Included with all websites.

Also available as a stand-alone service.

Multi-user data entry

BookRouter™ and by extension all our websites include inventory management tools that allow for direct data entry via the web browser. Create as many logins as you need so multiple users can enter inventory (even in multiple locations) without stepping on one another's toes. Create categories, catalogs, and other e-lists to organize your database. Ask us for a demo login to see how it works. 

Regulatory compliance

Not only do we strive to keep up with technology advances, we also make every effort to update our software to comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. For example, we review all updates for  accessibility compliance and we redesigned our customer accounts to comply with the EU's privacy framework, GDPR.

Merchandising tools

Merchandising tools such as featured items, site discounts, electronic coupons, category-based new arrival notifications and more will help you serve repeat customers. An events calendar allows you to feature book fairs or author readings. Our "wish list", or saved cart, feature works in tandem with abandoned cart reminders to remind customers to finish their purchase.

Security monitoring

We regularly scan our servers for PCI compliance and keep all of our software up to date to ensure that your sensitive data is safe and secure. We manage dedicated servers and firewalls, as well as cloud based solutions to provide ample image storage and bandwidth.

Image storage & hosting

All book images are automatically uploaded to our Content Delivery Network (CDN), a third-party service that ensures your images are optimized and delivered quickly to viewers around the world. Your images are instantly turned into fast-loading thumbnails, while still offering an image zoom feature for detailed viewing. You can use these images with other applications as well, enjoying the benefits of no storage time limits and complete control over your image deletion.

Reliable e-mail hosting

Business-class email with premium spam protection, 100% uptime guarantee and full access to your accounts using standard email clients such as Outlook, mobile devices, or Webmail application (with many of the same features you'll find in Gmail). If you prefer to use a legacy e-mail host, we can configure the necessary DNS records (or advise you on doing so) to keep your e-mail flowing.