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Automate your inventory.

  • Global re-pricing by marketplace
  • Timed uploads to prioritize sales channels
  • Custom routing via File Transfer (FTP)
  • Image hosting of product images
  • Multi-user online data entry

Basic BookRouter™

Basic BookRouter™ service includes uploads to ABAA, AbeBooks, Alibris, Antiqbook, Biblio and more.

Additional services

Additional monthly fees apply for eBay & Amazon, but setup for these services is included with the $299 setup fee.

BookRouter™ pricing

Basic Service









BookRouter™ service fees do not include subscription fees, listing fees, or other final sale fees that are assessed by third-party marketplaces.

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eBay routing
+ $60 / Monthly

Creating listings on eBay can be time-consuming, especially if you are selling unique items or items without ISBNs. BookRouter™ transforms your existing inventory data into attractive, HTML-styled eBay listings for each item. No more manual data entry.

BookRouter™ automatically generates optimized eBay titles based on key features of your products, such as whether a book is signed or a first edition, making your listings stand out. BookRouter™ seamlessly integrates with your existing eBay setup, aligning with categories, shipping terms, and selling preferences. Our powerful tools such as global repricing and timed uploads allow you to prioritize your listings across marketplaces for maximum visibility.

Amazon routing
+ $15 / Monthly

Listing on Amazon can be quite challenging, especially when manually working with Amazon listing templates. BookRouter streamlines this process by converting your existing inventory data into ready-to-publish Amazon listings. Our system automatically translates the necessary data and, where possible, ensures that your listings conform to Amazon's specific condition and binding codes. This process is designed to accommodate items both with and without ISBNs, aiming to enhance the number of items successfully listed.

In addition, BookRouter offers tools such as global repricing and timed uploads to further improve your Amazon listing experience. These features are crafted to simplify the listing process on Amazon, allowing you to focus on growing your business with the confidence that your online listings are being handled efficiently.


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Data entry

BookRouter™ supports uploads from most standard book inventory systems, including BookHound, BookTrakker, HomeBase, Basil and more. Multi-user direct data entry using your web browser is also supported. Ask us about converting from your desktop system to BookRouter™ inventory management tools and gain access to your listings from any device.

Custom routing

BookRouter™ standard export files can be scheduled for transfer to any service that supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP). We have configured custom routes to externally hosted e-commerce websites, third-party backup servers and more. Ask us about using custom routes to expand your listing footprint or for data backup.

Marketplace options

Each marketplace allows you to configure several different options including timed routing, global re-pricing, website only listings and more. Use the timed routing and re-pricing features to prioritize sales across all your marketplaces. 

Image storage & hosting

All book images are automatically resized to uniform dimensions and securely stored on our servers. We seamlessly handle the uploading of your images to your active marketplaces. Additionally, each image is assigned a unique URL, allowing for direct linking and easy integration with other applications.