About us

Building the tools of the trade for 25 years

Bibliopolis is an independent technology provider specializing in e-commerce and inventory
software for booksellers of all kinds. In October of 2024, we will celebrate our 25th year.

Photo of Mika Babcock

Mika Babcock, chief of technology and the son of a bookseller, worked at Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop in Boston while in college. He developed his first online bookstore in 1999 for his father. In 2005, he formed Foreseeing Solutions, which built online bookstores for more than 60 booksellers, before joining Bibliopolis in 2012.

Photo of Mathew Jones

Mat Jones has been the linchpin of our development team for 24 years. His skillset and proficiency in front-end development, combined with years of wrangling bookseller data are legend. His enthusiasm is fueled by a fascination for tinkering with electronics and a love for unusual and lovable creatures.

Photo of Luke Lozier and his dog

Luke Lozier Starting as a clerk at San Francisco's Green Apple Books in 1995, Luke spent a decade learning the trade as a buyer and manager, ultimately spearheading their first efforts to sell online. He taught himself to code the first Green Apple Books website and, eventually, many others. He also likes to call himself an occasional poet, publishing one or two poems every 20 years or so.

Photo of Allen Ahearn

Allen Ahearn III grew up in the rare book business with his grandparents Allen & Patricia Ahearn of Quill & Brush. Working in their bookstore he grew a love for reading & an appreciation for collectibles helping his grandfather work on his price guides. When he's not doing Project Management and Support for Bibliopolis he enjoys writing and playing music.

Photo of Matt Baer

Matt Baer has been attracted to technology ever since he was a wee lad. Since graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Interactive Media Design, he has helped shape Bibliopolis’ future by engineering websites and other tools of the trade. When he’s not fiddling with computers, he’s shredding the guitar.

Photo of Madhuja Bhamare

Madhuja Bhamare, a tech-savvy mom of twins, boasts both a Master's and Bachelor's in Computer Science. When not coding, she's wrangling her boys and showering love on her dogs. With boundless energy, she effortlessly juggles tech, family, and canine companionship, all while indulging her passion for music.

Our company is growing. 

So is our optimism for the future of bookselling.

Jobs at Bibliopolis

We aim to provide the tools of the trade. Our experienced development team and their combined 100+ years in the book trade are primed for the next quarter century. If you think you could bring something interesting to the mix, please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@bibliopolis.com.

Bibliopolis is an equal opportunity employer.