Current Views on Great Basin Archaeology.

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1958. Contents: Heizer: Dedicatory Preface. Baumhoff: History of Great Basin Ethnography. Wallace: Archaeological Investigations in Death Valley National Monument 1952-1957. Aschmann: Great Basin Climates in Relation to Human Occupance. Riddell: The Eastern California Border: Cultural and Temporal Affinities. Baumhoff & Heizer: Outland Coiled Basketry from the Caves of West Central Nevada. Bennyhoff & Heizer: Cross-Dating Great Basin Sites by California Shell Beads. Harner: Lowland Patayan Phases in the Lower Colorado River Valley and Colorado Desert. Bennyhoff: The Desert West: A Trial Correlation of Culture and Chronology Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover.

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